Horse Breeds Which Are Very Popular Today

An equestrian will very well know about various horse breed but being a layman it will literally surprise you when you will learn about it. So let us get you started by telling you about some horse breeds which are very popular in the world today.

Missouri Fox Trotter

This horse breed was developed in the early 1800s in the Ozark Mountain. The breeders had mixed the genetics of Arabian horses, Morgan horses Tennessee walking horses and various other breeds from the nearing states of Kentucky, Illinois, Tennessee and Arkansas.

Andalusian Horse

Andalusian horse is one of the ancient breeds and it is mention in Homer’s “The Iliad,”. You will also find a large number of cave paintings from 20,0000 years ago which depict Andalusian-like steeds. Horses of this breed are agile but and cater great physical strength and capabilities. This is the reason why they are considered to be best for dressage competition

Tennessee Walking Horse

The Tennessee walking horse was also developed in America during the 19th century. The unique running walk gait is the identity of this breed as it is both fast and smooth. Though it has a very impressive walk Tennessee walking horses are seen very rare in the competition.

Morgan Horse

This horse breed has been dated to be found in the 18th century Vermont. The horse is likely a mixture of Arabian and Thoroughbred horses and probably various other breeds. The name of the breed was kept after their first owner Justin Morgan who had a vision and idea of combining strength, calm demeanor, and intelligence.



Whey Protein: How Does It Work And Why You Need It

Whey protein powder is considered to be a very important supplement for building muscles. It is proven to be beneficial for everyone right from casual gym-goers to elite sportsmen. But you will find a plethora of choices which can confuse you a bit.

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The Benefits Of Whey Protein

According to a study, published in Journal Of The International Society Of Sports Nutrition, a group of men was asked to consume whey protein after their training session. After some time it was found that they experienced an improved blood flow to their forearm muscles and enhanced delivery of muscle-building nutrients such as oxygen and hormones.

Consumption of whey protein also increases anabolic effects of weight training as amino acids are driven rapidly to the skeletal muscle tissue. This helps your muscles get stronger and larger in a very less time.

How Much Protein You Should Consume?

A debate has been going for years on this topic, but a lot of dietitians and health experts have agreed that 2g per kilo can prove to be a very good idea for an average gymgoer. This ratio was used in a 2015 study and it was found that the subject lost fat effectively while gaining muscles.

Having a large number of companies making whey protein powders, it can be a little bit tricky to know which one is the best. So you should first have a look at the ingredients which are used in it and the flavors in it. This will help you to choose the right one.

How To Get The Best Event Management Software

Are you in search of an event management software which helps you in managing your events effectively? Then here are some tips which will make it easier for you in choosing a perfect event management software.

Verify The Support Team’s Reliability

Imagine it is the evening before your event and came across an urgent query. So it is crucial for you to find any competent person whom you can contact even on a Friday night.

So before choosing a company’s event management software make sure that the company provides a reliable support team which can be available  whenever required.

Make Sure The Software Manages All Your Data

A different software for managing individual aspects of an event can prove to be stressful. So make sure that the software you choose has the ability to multi-task i.e  it is capable of managing various types of tasks effectively without any error.

Know Your Requirements

 The main thing which you should do before choosing an event management software is to specify your requirements regarding the event.

Once you figure this out you will  able to find an ideal event management software which meets your requirements as accurately as possible. You can find a wide range of management software such as event management software, membership management software and many more at

 So keep in mind all the above tips before choosing an event management software and you will definitely find your ideal one.

Equestrian Events

Some Very Interesting Facts About Equestrian Events

Here are some interesting facts about equestrian events which have been part of the Olympics since 1900. So let us have a look at it.

Horses have been in the Olympics since from long before 1900, basically. Chariot racing was one of the biggest highlights of the original Olympics, in 682 BC.

Polo was once an Olympic sport, along with horse long jump and horse high jump.

The first Olympic to be televised was 1936 Berlin Olympics and in that Germany had actually won all the equestrian events of that year.

Dressage was included as an equestrian event only in 1928!

Till 1952, all athletes who were participating in the equestrian events had to be military officials.

Women used to never participate in the equestrian events till the 1952 Helsinki Olympics. This was the year when Danish horse rider Lisa Hartel won a silver medal in the dressage category. But the interesting part is that Lisa Hartel was paralyzed from the waist down and then could not even get on her horse without help!

Though the 1956 Olympics were to be held in Australia, the horse riding events had to be held in Stockholm, Sweden. This was because of the fact that Australia contained quarantine rules and regulations which were incredibly difficult to meet.

Two horses had died in 1968 in Mexico while competing. This forced the committee to strengthen its rules about the safety of the horses participating in the games. After that, not a single horse has died while competing in the games.

A lot of old people have participated in the equestrian events of the Olympics- among them, the oldest was Hiroshi Hoketsu a dressage rider from Japan who was 67 years old when he had participated in the event. Ian Miller who was a show jumper was 61 year when had won the competition.